Flaubert's life and his work

Buste de Flaubert
Bust of Flaubert in Rouen


Gustave Flaubert lived his whole life in Normandy. His attachment to this region, particularly as a territory for writing part of his work, his international reputation and the translation of his works into all languages, make Gustave Flaubert an exceptional artist in the history of Normandy.

His biography, bibliography, Flaubert and Normandy have been validated by Yvan Leclerc, President of the Scientific and Cultural Committee and many Flaubertian experts. Particularly complete, they allow us to shed light on his entire life and his work.

You can also find anecdotes about Flaubert’s life and work on the "Did You Know" page.

 Find anecdotes about the life and work of Flaubert on the "Did you know ?" page